Silver Diamine Fluoride Treatment in Michigan

We are one of the first pediatric dental offices in West Michigan to routinely offer this revolutionary treatment option for the management of dental decay!

Until now, no option for the treatment of cavities besides restorative dentistry (i.e.fillings) has shown substantial efficacy. Silver diamine fluoride (SDF) is a topical medicament that can be used to treat cavities in the least invasive way possible. The silver acts an antimicrobial and the fluoride promotes remineralization.

Although countries around the world have been using SDF for decades, the FDA recently cleared the product for the U.S. market in 2014. Our dentists would be more than happy to discuss the uses and applications of SDF and to find out if it is an appropriate alternative treatment for your child. 

The Hall Technique for Children's Dental Crowns

Another minimally invasive procedure is called the Hall Technique and is utilized in some situations for teeth that need a crown. It is a non-invasive way to place crowns that will not require sedation, shots, or drilling. It is no longer necessary to drill away all of the decay. Instead, we can seal it under a crown, which will starve the cavity of the sugars and acids needed for it to get worse. We will use orthodontic separators to create the space between the teeth to fit the crown, instead of using a drill to cut the tooth to make space for the crown. Studies show the success rate is equivalent to the conventional approach. 

There are additional minimally invasive procedures that we can provide for your child in our office (no shots!). We pride ourselves in preventive dentistry, patient education, as well as offering dentistry that is atraumatic, minimally invasive, improves the patient (and parent) experience, and overall improves the patient's oral health.

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If you are seeking a second option for a large treatment plan and/or one involving sedation, we may have minimally invasive alternatives for your child. Contact Valleau and VanDeven Dentistry for Children to schedule your child's appointment in Grand Rapids or Rockford