Special Needs Dentists in Rockford & Grand Rapids

Close up of young girl's smile at special needs dentist in MichiganAt Valleau and VanDeven Dentistry for Children, we recognize that providing comprehensive oral health care to individuals with special needs is an integral part pediatric dentistry. We respect the unique qualities of each patient and the need to ensure optimal health for all, regardless of a special health care need.

Building a Relationship with You and Your Child

Our patients with special health care needs have a special place in all of our hearts! Our dentists and staff understand the extra challenges that exist for patients with special needs, and we strive to work with you to maintain optimal oral health for your child. We focus on home care, injury prevention, regular dental check-ups, and kind, gentle, and compassionate treatment. 

Due to impaired motor skills or challenges with comprehension and communication, we realize that home care can be difficult. We offer and demonstrate certain techniques so that you can provide effective home care for your child. By providing you with these skill sets, you will help ensure a healthy dental future for your child.

Individualized Care Focusing on ConsistencyChild getting treatment at special needs dentist in Rockford MI

Many children with special health care needs are sensitive to light, touch, sound, and taste. One of the most important way we can benefit our patients is to create an environment of consistency and comfort. Drs. Valleau, VanDeven, White, and our entire team know the importance of consistency for our special needs patients and we believe that success begins with a foundation of compassion, trust, and familiarity with our doctors, staff, and office environment.

We will discuss with you how you think it is best to approach your child for the first time, whether it is a tour of our dentist office, a meet and greet with the doctor and staff, a ride in the chair, or simply coming in for a sticker and prize. We believe that building a gradual relationship with your child and establishing that a dental visit can be a safe and even enjoyable experience will provide the foundation for a lifetime of positive dental experiences.

If the need arises, we do offer mild sedation in the office, or general anesthesia at a Spectrum Health facility in order to complete more extensive dental procedures. We can discuss these options with you at your child’s initial visit.

Schedule An Appointment with Our Special Needs Dentists in MI

We are always happy to talk with you about your child’s unique situation. Please give us a call to schedule an appointment for your child today. At Valleau and VanDeven Dentistry for Children, we welcome you to our practice and appreciate the opportunity to care for your child.