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At Valleau and VanDeven Dentistry for Children, we combine professional expertise with a kind, compassionate, and gentle approach to treating your child. After all, going to the dentist doesn’t have to be a scary experience and it doesn’t have to be just about dental cleanings and cavities. We aim to make each child comfortable in their own way while we encourage the lifelong healthy practices of toothbrushing, flossing, injury prevention, regular checkups, and healthy eating.

As board certified pediatric dentists in Michigan, Drs. Valleau and VanDeven have additional training and capabilities beyond a general dentist. We are able to provide your child with the highest standard of pediatric dental care and are proud to offer the following services:

Infant Oral Health

One of the most important appointments you can make for your child is the first dental visit! Our objective is to help your child develop a positive attitude towards dentistry and oral health care that lasts a lifetime. The focus of this visit is education. We consistently see the benefit of early intervention and ultimately, it is our goal is to enhance each child’s opportunity for a lifetime free of dental disease. Our doctors realize the value of the well-baby visit so much so that it is offered free of charge.

Preventive Dentistry

Drs. Valleau and VanDeven use prevention-based techniques and focus on diagnosing problems early, before they cause a major, costly problem. Many dental problems that appear later in life start early and can be prevented with routine dental care and good home habits starting at a young age.

By scheduling your child for a routine dental visit, you are accomplishing more than you realize! These visits help your child develop the understanding that the dentist isn’t a scary place and will also build the foundation for a lifetime of healthy oral health habits. These regular dental check-ups also allow our doctors to check for any problems that may be present.

Valleau and VanDeven Dentistry for Children offers a wide range of preventive services in order to achieve your child’s optimal oral health including cleaning and hygiene instruction, comprehensive oral exams, sealants, fluoride treatments, injury prevention, and more!

Restorative Dentistry for Cavities & Tooth Decay

Valleau and VanDeven Dentistry for Children, we take pride in staying current with the latest research and guidelines regarding evidenced-based dentistry. The prevention of cavities is one of the most important services we can provide our patients and their families, however cavities do happen and sometimes even very young children require restorative dentistry.

Restorative dentistry refers to treatment that restores health to a tooth that has been diagnosed with a problem. A dental restoration may mean a filling, a crown, treatment of the tooth’s nerve, or utilizing an appliance to maintain space in a growing child’s mouth. It is our goal to provide high quality restorative care in a positive and comfortable environment using the most up to date techniques available.


One of the most frightening experiences as a parent is an injury to your child. Kids are full of energy, which makes them more prone to accidents. The literature states that 25% of all school aged children experience dental trauma. Slips, trips, and falls are inevitable which is why Drs. Valleau and VanDeven are always available to help you through these scary situations. When your child has had a dental emergency, you want to be sure a pediatric dentist with skill and experience handles the situation quickly. Our doctors are reachable by phone even after hours because this is what we would want for our kids!

General Anesthesia - Hospital Dentistry

Our doctors recognize that for some patients, treatment using basic behavior management techniques is not a viable option. We also understand that some patients, because of their need for extensive dental treatment, acute reaction to stress, inability to cooperate in the dental setting, immaturity or pre-cooperation, and/or some medical conditions, may benefit from dental treatment in the hospital setting.

Drs. Valleau and VanDeven are American Board certified pediatric dentists and have been specially trained to provide dental care for children undergoing general anesthesia, and are credentialed to practice within the Spectrum Health Hospital System.  

Special Needs Dentistry

At Valleau and VanDeven Dentistry for Children, we recognize that providing comprehensive preventive and therapeutic oral health care to individuals with special health care needs is an integral part of the specialty of pediatric dentistry. We respect the unique qualities of each individual and the need to ensure optimal health for all, regardless of a special health care need.

Our patients with special health care needs have a special place in all of our hearts! Due to impaired motor skills or challenges with comprehension and communication, we realize that home care can be difficult. We offer and demonstrate certain techniques so that you can provide effective home care for your child. By providing you with these skill sets, you will help ensure a healthy dental future for your child.

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