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Is fruit juice really harmful for my child's teeth?

The simple answer is yes (it can be). Fruit juices (orange, apple, grape, etc.) do contain vitamin C, calcium (added typically), and water, which do offer some health benefits. However, there is a lot of sugar in juice. Even juice that is considered “100% juice” or “not from concentrate” contain high levels of sugar (some of which is added…yes, that happens in 100% juice). Our recommendation would be to cut out juice all together or allow your child to have one glass of juice (8 oz.) per day, given at meal time.

Studies show that sugars ingested during the course of a meal are less harmful to our teeth due to the protective benefits offered by the mechanical forces from chewing and saliva stimulation.

Key Point 1: Whole fruit is better for your child than juice. Not only do most whole fruits offer fiber and other minerals that most juices do not contain, there are no added sugars. Fruit, itself, does contain fructose, a complex sugar composed of sucrose and glucose. However, fructose isn’t as easily utilized by MS (although it can be used nonetheless).

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