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How Does Pediatric Dental Anesthesia Work?

April 28, 2022
Posted By: Valleau and VanDeven Dentistry for Children Team
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At Valleau and VanDeven we offer general anesthesia or hospital-grade sedation for patients who need extra reassurance. In addition, our sedation dentistry in Grand Rapids and Rockford, MI, helps children relax during treatment and allows our dentists to perform multiple procedures during a single visit.

A general anesthesia pediatric dentist in Grand Rapids is the best solution for kids who feel anxious at the dentist. And hospital sedation may be the best course for special needs patients or those who feel phobic in the dental chair and cannot cooperate.

How General Anesthesia for Children Works

Drs. Valleau and VanDeven have undergone special training to make general anesthesia a reality for their patients. They also have credentials to practice dentistry at Spectrum Health Hospital systems. This privilege allows them a unique dental theater and the ability to work with a top anesthesiologist. The anesthesiologist will monitor your child throughout their treatment.

However, before we move forward with anesthesia, your child’s dentist will take a thorough health history and talk to you about any current medications. We then ask that your child undergo a health check with their pediatrician before sedation and treatment. It’s also essential to follow any pre-op instructions regarding fasting or other specific guidelines.

After treatment, we will allow your child to leave the hospital after showing the desired level of alertness. From there, it is vital to follow all aftercare instructions. And ensure that your child rests for the remainder of the day. Moving around and jumping may instigate a tumble or injury.

Reasons Your Child May Need Sedation Dentistry in Michigan

Our pediatric dentists in Grand Rapids and Rockfird, MI recommend dental anesthesia for a variety of reasons. Let’s explore a few.

#1 A Child Undergoing Multiple Treatments

Most children can’t sit still for extensive dental treatments. Additionally, their time in the dental chair may not be enjoyable if prolonged. It’s important to our team that your child enjoys coming to the dentist. Sedation, in this case, yields cooperation and may guard against dental phobia in the future.

#2 A Child Who Does Not Do Well Under Stress

When children react to stress, they can jerk their heads or flail their arms; it is not a good situation when undergoing treatment! Therefore, we recommend anesthesia for children who do not do well under stress.

#3 A Child Who Is Uncooperative

Children go through stages, and sometimes there can be a season when they don’t want to cooperate. We understand! However, sedation dentistry ensures they still get the treatments they need for a healthy smile.

#4 A Young Child

Young children may find it difficult to follow instructions like “open wide.” A very young child may also move suddenly or flail. For some young children, anesthesia dentistry is the only way to deliver invasive or complex dental treatments.

#5 Children with Special Needs

A child with a special need or medical condition may benefit from dental anesthesia in Rockford, MI. This means children with textural aversions, autism, or other health concerns.

#6 Children with a Strong Gag ReflexMother and daughter smiling at Pinewood Park in Grand Rapids, MI

Children who gag easily typically benefit from dental anesthesia. Gagging or choking can make their dental appointment unpleasant and may frighten them. We want your child to love our dental office.

Talk to Your Child’s General Anesthesia Dentist

If you think your child can benefit from dental anesthesia in a hospital setting, talk to one of our dentists. We can also answer your questions about anesthesia and address any concerns you might have.

Contact Our Pediatric Dentists in Grand Rapids & Rockford, MI

General anesthesia for a kid’s dental work can make for a pleasant treatment. They’ll not feel stressed or anxious because they are in a state near sleep throughout their dental visit.

We are proud to offer quality pediatric dentistry and Kid’s dental surgery. Give us a call today to arrange an appointment or to learn more.

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