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What Constitutes a Dental Emergency for Your Child?

December 30, 2021
Posted By: Valleau, VanDeven & Massie Dentistry for Children
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When it comes to dental emergencies, children are just like adults. They get toothaches and have mishaps just like we do. And they need treatment with their pediatric emergency dentist in Grand Rapids or Rockford, MI.

How to Know if Your Child Has a Dental Emergency

Your child’s dental emergency may not be apparent, especially if they are very young and unable to articulate how they are feeling. However, as a rule, if your toddler suffers an oral injury with bleeding, swelling, or tooth damage, we encourage you to contact our dental office right away.

Additionally, you may think that losing a baby tooth through a mishap is not very important since an adult tooth will take its place. However, baby teeth help guide adult teeth into the proper locations, preventing their remaining baby teeth from shifting.

Additionally, baby teeth help with speech development and chewing ability. Therefore, we do not want your child to lose their baby teeth too soon. In the event of a broken baby tooth, your dentist can typically repair or restore it until it is time for it to fall out naturally.

Older children may tell you they have a toothache, or you might notice them favoring a specific tooth. This may be accompanied by swelling. We recommend contacting our dental office for further evaluation.

Your Child’s Emergency Dental Visit

We take measures to keep your child comfortable during their emergency visit. We do not want them to be afraid, so we take the edge off with a friendly demeanor and fun chitchat. We also work to eliminate their pain as soon as possible so that we can investigate and diagnose their dental emergency.

We Offer Emergency Dentistry for Children in Rockford and Grand Rapids, MI

If you suspect your child has a dental emergency or if you’re unsure, a friendly team member can assess symptoms and provide guidance. So give us a call today.

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