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Our Approach to Compassionate Special Needs Dentistry

September 26, 2021
Posted By: Valleau, VanDeven & Massie Dentistry for Children
Special Needs Dentistry Patient | Children's Dentistry in Rockford and Grand Rapids

Your child’s smile is precious and deserves attentive and gentle dental care. At Valleau, VanDeven, and Massie Dentistry for Children, we practice compassionate dentistry for our young patients of all ages and abilities. 

Our team of special needs dentists has several years of experience treating the various dental conditions of young children, teenagers, and young adults. We understand that providing comprehensive dentistry, specifically preventive and therapeutic oral health care, is integral to practicing children’s dentistry in Grand Rapids and Rockford, MI. 

Building Relationships with Each Patient

We understand relationships built on trust do not happen overnight. That’s why we are dedicated to gradually nurturing our relationship with your child so they can have positive and enjoyable dental experiences. 

As dedicated and compassionate pediatric dentists, we respect each child’s unique qualities and the need to ensure optimal oral health and wellness. All of our patients have a special place in our hearts. We genuinely love the work we do, and we look forward to meeting new children and welcoming familiar faces to our dental office. 

Our ultimate goal is to help your child have excellent oral health throughout childhood and adolescence and provide comfort, guidance, and compassionate care. 

We Focus on Consistent, Individualized Dental Care 

At Valleau, VanDeven, and Massie Dentistry for Children, we understand many children with special healthcare needs may be sensitive to sound, light, touch, and taste. We ensure your child feels safe and at ease in our tranquil dental office, so they experience consistency and security. 

Before your child’s first visit with us, we will discuss with you the best approach for your child. Whether it’s an office tour, ride in the dental chair, or meet and greet with our doctors and staff, we will do whatever it takes to ensure you and your child feel confident in our care. 

Our doctors and staff understand children with special needs may experience additional challenges. We work with you and your child to maintain their healthiest smiles and focus on home care, injury prevention, and regular dental checkups. 

If needed, we offer mild sedation in our office or general anesthesia at a Spectrum Health facility to complete certain dental procedures.

We Prioritize Your Child’s Safety and Comfort 

When your child first comes in for their dental visit, we make sure they feel safe and at ease in our care. We engage with them without pushing boundaries and show them we are here to be their friend who helps take care of their teeth. 

We always welcome parents or caregivers to accompany us in the treatment room while checking your child’s smile and cleaning their teeth. We believe this helps relax patients so they don’t feel afraid or nervous being with someone they may not know very well yet. 

As a gentle and creative way to engage with children, we use fun visual aids and kid-friendly language to demonstrate brushing, flossing, and other dental care habits. We even let children pick out stickers or small toys they can take home with them after their visit. 

Prevention and Patient Education 

At Valleau, VanDeven, and Massie Dentistry for Children, we focus on preventive dentistry and patient-family education as ways to help children and their families better understand their oral health care needs. 

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends bringing your child in for their initial dental appointment when their first tooth emerges or by their first birthday. We understand this may not always be possible, so we encourage families to bring their children to see us as soon as possible. 

Consistent oral hygiene at home is essential, as is scheduling routine dental checkups with a pediatric dentist. 

Children’s Dental Exams and Teeth Cleanings 

We aim to start caring for children’s teeth at an early age so we can ensure their growing smiles stay strong and disease-free with dental exams and cleanings.

During your child’s routine dental checkups, our dentists carefully and gently: 

  • Check for proper teeth and jaw development.
  • Look for cavities and other oral health risks.
  • Screen for oral cancer and related concerns.
  • Clean teeth, removing plaque and cavity-causing substances.
  • Evaluate the health of your child’s teeth, gums, tongue, oral tissues, jaws, and neck.
  • Offer guidance for nutrition and oral habits, like thumb-sucking.
  • Address any other areas of concern.

Our dental team understands that home care may be challenging for some patients with diverse motor skills or communication and comprehension abilities. As a possible solution, we offer to demonstrate specific techniques you or your child can use to effectively care for their teeth and gums at home. 

Are You Looking for a Dental Home for Your Child?

Whatever your child’s needs may be, we can provide the comprehensive and responsive dental care they need to have a healthy, beautiful smile. Our kind and attentive staff is always happy to speak with you about your child’s oral health needs and any necessary or preferred accommodations. 

You can call us today to schedule your child’s first dental visit or to find out more about our dental team and services. 

We look forward to welcoming you and your little one to our dental practice! 

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