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Happy Halloween from VVM Dentistry for Children!

We had a great time celebrating Halloween at VVM Dentistry for Children! We got into the spirit and even dressed in our favorite costumes. We saw some great costumes on the kids that had appointments that day and hope that all of our wonderful patients had a great time celebrating! Don't forget to enjoy the chocolates (especially dark chocolates) and give away the sticky, sour candies that are really hard on your teeth! 

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Update to the "We Stopped the Pacifier!" Progress!

UPDATE on the pacifier progress! These photos are now just 2 months apart. Closing of the anterior open bite (where front teeth don't close together) improves function, esthetics, and speech. It also decreases the potential for injury to the front teeth. Stopping the pacifier before age 3 can lead to self-correction in most cases. Look for a final blog posting (with photo) on this topic in the future. Isn't it a great weekend to give up the paci?

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We Stopped the Pacifier and Look!

Stopping the pacifier can be challenging! We are here to help guide you through the process. 


Here are photos just two weeks apart from one of our patients who is almost 3 years old. As you can see, her teeth are drifting closer together. We will update you with future pictures. Good progress! 


From the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry: Nonnutritive oral habits (eg, digital and pacifier habits, bruxism, abnormal tongue thrusts) may apply forces to teeth and dentoalveolar structures. Although early use of pacifiers and digit sucking are considered normal, habits of sufficient frequency, intensity, and duration can contribute to deleterious changes in occlusion and facial development. It is important ...

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